We have always been there for those who need our services most: it is why we were founded and why we continue to provide health care services in the 13 most underserved neighborhoods in New York City. Today, 50 percent of our patients are on Medicaid and 40 percent are uninsured.



With this spirit of service in mind, we were quick to react to communities' health care needs following Hurricane Sandy. In the days after the storm, while the lights were still out downtown, we dispatched our mobile clinic to provide walk-in primary care service to Lower East Side residents. And, when the State Department of Health asked us to move our mobile clinic to the Rockaways, we went. The Daily News wrote about our work. You can read it here.



As you may know by now, Sandy devastated the Rockaways, flooding buildings, cutting off the power supply, and disabling transportation. What you may not know about is the huge impact the storm had on people's health: doctors' offices were shut, pharmacies were closed, and residents had no way to get the medical care they needed, save for the mobile vans.



The Story of Anna [1]


Anna, a fifty-five-year-old African American woman living in Hammal Houses in Far Rockaway, where our mobile clinic was stationed, was one of the first patients to visit us. A diabetic, Anna had her blood sugar levels under control before the storm. By the time she saw our medical providers, not only was her blood sugar  dangerously high - perhaps due to the stress following the storm - but she was also about to run out of insulin. We worked with the levels of Anna's insulin and secured a refill for her prescription. 



We were able to help Anna and dozens of others patients with chronic illness. We also helped relieve other suffering: respiratory infections, allergic reactions to cleaning products, and other aches and pains. We visited patients stuck in their homes and provided them with medical care, and provided mental health counseling, helping individuals to deal with the stress brought on in the aftermath of the hurricane.



We were able to provide this level of care and support thanks to people like you who support Community Healthcare Network.



Anna and other Patients Need Your Help

Our medical mobile van allows us to travel to locations where our services are needed most. With the van's mobile abilities, we are able to respond to disasters, helping people like Anna, and continue to respond to the everyday needs of the underserved populations throughout New York City. On most days of the week, you can find our medical mobile van on the city streets, offering HIV testing, family planning services, and primary care to those who may otherwise not have access to these services.



We are asking for your help. Please support our mobile clinic operations.  


No donation is too small.  


Just $10 will pay for one child's vaccinations, $50 will help cover the cost of fuel and $250 can help pay for a full day's worth of medical supplies.



Click here to make a contribution. We greatly appreciate your support.



With gratitude,




Catherine Abate

President and CEO, Community Healthcare Network 





[1] Name has been changed to protect the patient's identity.











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