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March 17th, 2015

ALBANY — Staking out a broad vision of ethics reform amid a swirl of other proposals in the capital, New York’s attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman, called for an elimination of all outside jobs for state legislators and the end of a widely criticized system of per diem payments.

In remarks to a panel in Manhattan on Monday by Citizens Union, a government watchdog group, Mr. Schneiderman articulated a deeply pessimistic view of Albany, calling it “the nation’s most consistent epicenter of public corruption,” which has left New Yorkers “living in a golden age of graft.”

He cast doubt on whether promises of reform by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and others would be substantive enough, characterizing past ethics initiatives as “one charade after another.”

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Two Quality Solutions to Solve the Funding of New York State Elections

Both in his campaign pledges and in his 2012 State of the State Governor Andrew Cuomo called for comprehensive reform of New York’s campaign financeii stating “New York City’s public financing system provides a good model for statewide reform.”

Using “public” funds is one excellent option if the newly elected legislature will pass and Governor Cuomo will sign it. But given there is not a unified Democratic controlled State Senate, the votes may not be there to pass “public” financing of elections. If not, there is a second innovative source of funds.

Use the billion dollars from gambling corporations like Genting to fund getting money out of politics and for education.

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