FALL 2012

Dear Friends,                                         September 12, 2012


The Fall of 2012 brings new challenges to the Business and Labor Coalition of New York as we address the issues of economic development, job retention, affordable health care for all, gun control and collective bargaining in New York State. Our coalition continues to grow with new members such as The National Labor and Management Conference, Norman Michaels & Associates, the Institute for Leadership, the Association of Benefit Administrators, and Paul Smith's College.  We urge you to connect with our members and to follow our public policy issues.


As you know, BALCONY and its members stage many events during the year. We provide a few notices of the upcoming activities including the 2012 BALCONY Golf Outing on October 19th at the New York Country Club, honoring Bill Thompson, Mike Mulgrew and Anita Kartalopoulos.




FPI Report:
NYS Economy is Disappointingly Weak


A Fiscal Policy Institute report found the state's economic recovery "disappointingly weak." It said unemployment has hovered at 8% or higher for the past 3 years the longest stretch since the mid-1970s. People are out of work an average of nine months and it is highest in metropolitan areas and among blacks, men, workers aged 18-44 and people with minimal education.


Read the report here:  FPI    


NYS Small Business Loans by
Cynthia DiBartolo



BALCONY member Cynthia DiBartolo, CEO of Tigress Financial, published an op-ed article urging members to apply for revolving small business loans to help capitalize start-ups or expand existing businesses.



Read the article here:  Business Loans   







BALCONY Co-Chair Lubin
Urges Stronger NYS Gun Control Laws


BALCONY Co-Chair Alan Lubin penned an op-ed calling for tougher gun laws, including bullet micro-stamping so police can trace gun cartridges back to specific weapons.


Click here to read the article:  Gun Laws   



BALCONY Co-Chair Hayes
Urged Con Ed and Unions to Bargain


BALCONY Co-Chair Robert M. Hayes published an op-ed urging Con Edison and its unions to work quickly to resolve the lock of 8,5000 workers. The 3-week lockout ended soon after when Gov. Cuomo intervened and helped craft a settlement.




Click here to read the article: Con Edison  



NYSNA Urges Safe Nurse-to-Patient 
Ratio Staffing

Nurses are being forced to care for too many patients at once. And New York patients are paying the price. There is a solution: a law that would set nurse-to-patient ratios in New York healthcare facilities.  


Nurses, patients, and our neighbors are coming together to make these ratios a reality. The New York State Nurses Association, a BALCONY member, is leading the effort to the pass the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act in the NY State Legislature. Other BALCONY members that are engaged in this battle include NYSUT, PEF and CWA 1180.


For more information about the law, additional resources and how to get involved, visit: NURSES


Bill Samuels of BALCONY:
Collective Bargaining is Key for Labor & Management


BALCONY member Bill Samuels wrote an op-ed on the importance of collective bargaining both for business and labor.




Click here to read the article:   Collective Bargaining  



BALCONY Director Lou Gordon
Urges Increase in NYS Minimum Wage


BALCONY urges raising the New York State minimum wage from $7.25 to $8.50. There is some bi-partisan support for hiking the wage and legislators could take up the issue after Election Day.





Click here to read the article:  Minimum Wage   



BALCONY Co-Chair Abate Urged
NYS Health Insurance Exchange


BALCONY Co-Chair Catherine Abate wrote an op-ed article urging creation of a Health Insurance Exchange under the Affordable Care Act. Gov. Andrew Cuomo created an Exchange by executive order not long afterward.



Click here to read the article: Health Insurance Exchange  



Thompson, Mulgrew & Kartalopoulos
Honored at BALCONY 2012 Golf Outing




BALCONY will host the 2012 Golf Outing on Oct. 19 at the New York Country Club, 103 Brick Church Road in New Hempstead, New York. Guest of honor will be: Anita Kartalopoulos, a partner at Millberg LLP; former City Comptroller Bill Thompson, and Michael Mulgrew, president of the United Federation of Teachers.   


Click here for more information:  GOLF  


Click here for sponsorship info: SPONSOR 

Affordable Care Act Workshops

Gordon, Kramer, Jaffe

BALCONY, the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce and the New York City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will sponsor a workshop on the effects of the Affordable Care Act on small businesses at the New York Hilton on Sept. 20.

Click here for more information on the
Sept. 20th Expo:  Expo


Click here for more information about the Small Business Workshops: ACA 


Another workshop will be held on October 3 at Amalgamated Bank at 564 W. 125th St. in Harlem.   



FPI Honors Attorney General
Eric Schneiderman

Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012 Breakfast,
8:30 - 10:00 a.m.
A fundraiser benefit for the FPI
Hosted by 32BJ SEIU
25 West 18th Street


For more information, click Fundraiser  

NYS Senior Action Council Honors
BALCONY Co-Chair Lubin - Oct.10


BALCONY Co-Chair Alan Lubin will receive the Social Justice Award from the New York State Wide Senior Action Council at its Gala Dinner on Oct. 10, 2012 at 6.m. in the Hilton in Saratoga Springs.


For more information,
click here:  LUBIN 


Teamster Center Services
Expo October 12th

Teamster Center Services will hold its 19th annual Health & Benefits Expo on Oct. 12th at the Grand Hyatt Hotel at 42d Street and Park Avenue. The Expo provides many opportunities for information and networking and is well-attended by welfare fund administrators, trustees, and their consultants.

For more information:  TCS


Medicare Rights Center Honors
CWA Local 1180 President
Arthur Cheliotes
,October 15th

Medicare Rights Center
The Medicare Rights Center will hold its Annual Award Dinner at 6 p.m. on Oct. 15 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at 80 Columbus Circle at 60th St. The dinner will honor Arthur Cheliotes, president of Local 1180 of the Communication Workers of America, AFL-CIO, and Janet Corrigan, former president and CEO of the National Quality Forum.

Click here for more information: Medicare


BALCONY Diabetes Prevention Program
Let's Move Brooklyn

We are pleased to participate with Let's Move Brooklyn in its battling obesity program, and believe they can be a strong component of the BALCONY Diabetes Prevention Program," stated BALCONY Director Lou Gordon, who was joined by Reverend Michel Faulkner, President of the Institute for Leadership and a key member in the BALCONY Diabetes effort and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.  


(Click below to view the Membership List)






4 West 43rd Street, Suite 405
New York, NY 10036
(212) 219-7777

Lou Gordon, Director





Alan Lubin, Co-Chair Labor
Robert M. Hayes, Co-Chair Business, Sr. VP, Universal American Corp.
Catherine M. Abate, Co-Chair Non-Profit, President/CEO, Community HealthCare Network

Executive Board

Anthony Potenza, Executive Director, New York Labor Health Care Alliance
Anita Kartalopoulos, Partner, Milberg LLP

Bruce Ventimiglia, Saratoga Capital Management
Mark Jaffe, President, Greater New York Chamber of Commerce
Cynthia D. DiBartolo, Tigress Financial Partners, LLC

BALCONY Support Team

Lou Gordon, BALCONY Director
Richard Winsten, Counsel, MSEK
Stuart Marques, BALCONY Writer
Diane Masters, BALCONY
Liza Kramer, BALCONY
Jodi Wiener, BALCONY
Kevin R. Weaver, Web Master and Computer Consultant

BALCONY is a 501c(4) non-profit. Contributions are not tax deductible and BALCONY makes no political endorsements nor campaign contributions.